30 Years Old. Single. No Kids.

I used to stress these things. Seeing everyone else with families had me wondering, “Where’s mine?”. I used to joke with my friends that by the time I had kids, their kids could watch mine. And now, that’s about to be real life! Lol It started to bother me as I got older. BUT, the way my God is set up! I’ve learned that being single with no kids doesn’t determine my worth, whether good or bad. God determines my worth. Not a man. Not a ring. Not kids. God does! I know who I am in Christ and I know my purpose is about so much more than having the things mentioned above. God has made me so content in Him, that honestly, I’m okay if it never happens. However, I get the feeling that now that I have this new mind frame, the Lord is about to blow my mind, and when I least expect it. ☺️ I’m optimistic. But, right now, I know I have purpose as a 30 year old single woman with no kids. So, I focus on that. And when God sees fit to change it, He will. Until then, I’m content as is, in this current season.

If you can relate, find that contentment, too. Know that you are worth so much more than having a husband and a ring. Your purpose is not solely built on that. God has purpose for your current season, right here, right now in your singleness. Embrace it! Focus on God. He has so much in store for you, and so much He wants to tell you! 💕 #ContentInChrist #EnjoyThisSeason #TrustHim


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