Sacrificing for Christ

Have You Sacrificed for Christ?

If we feel no sense of sacrifice, it’s because we haven’t. We haven’t given anything up for Jesus. To give means to give away; no longer in our possession, rather in the possession of someone else. To give your life to Christ means to no longer live for self, but rather to live according to the ways of Jesus. To do this requires sacrifice and it cannot be done without. So.. what are you sacrificing? What is it that you hold dear to you, but yet willing to give up all in the name of Jesus? In Genesis chapter 22, God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham was willing to do it, but right when he went to commit the act, God stopped him. God only told him to do it, because He wanted to see if he truly feared Him. Such respect and obedience! His faith was tested and he passed. How’s your faith set up? Have you given up your old ways of being? What are you sacrificing all for the love of Jesus Christ? What is God telling you to give up all for a relationship with Him? #FoodForThought #Sacrifice #Obey #JesusLongsForYourHeart #TrustHim


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